NVIDIA has revealed details about its upcoming RTX 5880 Ada Generation graphics card. This GPU is specifically designed for professional visualization applications and comes with features such as ECC-enabled memory and certifications for various content creation applications. The latest RTX Production Branch driver, version 537.99 WHQL, includes support for the RTX 5880 Ada Generation GPU as its main new feature.

While the exact specifications of the RTX 5880 Ada Generation are not yet known, it is worth noting that NVIDIA already offers the RTX 5000 Ada Generation for the upper-mid segment of its pro-vis portfolio. The RTX 5000 Ada Generation uses a 256-bit ECC GDDR6 memory interface with 32 GB of memory. It has 100 SM (streaming multiprocessors), which is more than the 80 available on the "AD103" model. Positioned above the RTX 5000 Ada Generation is the RTX 6000 Ada Generation, which features 48 GB of ECC GDDR6 memory and a 384-bit memory bus on the "AD104" model, with 142 out of 144 SM enabled. The RTX 5880 Ada Generation is expected to fill the gap between these two models with a higher SM count, wider memory bus, and more memory.