About us

Hello and welcome to our website WhatPSU.com, a quick and useful tool that tells you what power supply you need for your PC.

The website was built by a small group of PC enthusiast experts and developers. Our aim is to answer those "What psu do I need for my rig?" questions, in an easy, accurate and quick way.

Why are power supplies so important?

If the CPU is the brain of your PC then the PSU is the heart of your PC, and you definitely want a good heart for your system.

It's important to choose a good power supply with sufficient amount of power (Watts) to power your system. But with the ever increasing options and model for CPUs and GPUs it's getting hard to follow-up and know what power supply is enough for you.

By using WhatPSU.com you'll get the recommended minimum wattage you need to run your system, not only that, but you'll also get a list of recommended hand-picked power supplies.

How do we calculate the required power?

Our tool will calculate the required power for your system based on many parameters, such as TDP, safety headroom and even using trained AI that learned the forums answers.

Continues work

We are continuously working on improving our algorithm and adding new models of CPUs and GPUs all the time. If you have any idea for improvements, or just want to say hi, then feel free to contact us!