TITAN ARMY: A Leading Player in the Chinese E-Sports Monitor Industry

TITAN ARMY, a dominant force in the Chinese e-sports monitor industry, has nearly a decade of experience in delivering high-quality displays. With a large R&D office space of over 6,000 square meters, a team of more than 300 engineers, and an impressive portfolio of 260 patents and multiple global awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award, TITAN ARMY annually provides millions of gamers with their self-developed and self-manufactured monitors.

Today, TITAN ARMY has made its American debut by launching a series of gaming monitors. This lineup consists of seven models that will be gradually released and are expected to become the preferred choice for e-sports enthusiasts looking to upgrade their equipment. These monitors stand out with industry-leading refresh rates of up to 240 Hz and competitive introductory prices, some as low as $89.99.

TITAN ARMY N32SQ Plus: The Curved Gaming Monitor

Among the upcoming seven monitors, the TITAN ARMY N32SQ Plus is a curved gaming monitor with a 1500R curve and a 178° viewing angle. It has been unveiled on Amazon and is expected to be a popular choice among e-sports enthusiasts.

TITAN ARMY P27A2R: The Ultimate Value Gaming Monitor

The TITAN ARMY P27A2R offers an exceptional gaming experience with its advanced Fast IPS panel. This panel is designed to provide wide viewing angles, high color precision, and swift response times for a smooth and visually stunning gaming journey. With an impressive 180 Hz ultra-high refresh rate, lightning-fast 1 ms GTG response time, and Adaptive-Sync technology, this monitor minimizes lag and blurriness, giving gamers a competitive edge. It also features a 2560x1440 2K resolution and a 99% sRGB color gamut coverage, ensuring vibrant and lifelike visuals. The immersive gaming atmosphere is further enhanced by the e-sports backlight. The TITAN ARMY P27A2R is the ideal choice for eSports enthusiasts seeking both gaming quality and affordability, with an initial price as low as $259.99. Use code TITANP27 to get an additional $12 off.

TITAN ARMY N32SQ Plus: Large Screen Curved Gaming Monitor

The TITAN ARMY N32SQ Plus is a 32" curved gaming monitor with a 144 Hz refresh rate. This budget-friendly option offers a larger screen for an immersive gaming experience. With its fast WQHD 2560 x 1440 VA panel, it delivers stunning visuals and covers 99% of the sRGB color gamut. The monitor also includes GAME MODE and GAME PLUS, providing specialized settings for different game genres, such as FPS and RTS, to enhance the overall gaming experience. Use discount code TITANN32 to get an extra $12 off, bringing the price down to $247.99.

All seven monitors will be available on Amazon.com, with significantly discounted prices and substantial coupons for their initial releases. They will also enjoy even more favorable prices during the Black Friday promotion. All purchases are backed by Amazon's refund and return policies and a generous 3-year warranty. For inquiries, please contact TITAN ARMY via [email protected].