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The CAMM2 and LPCAMM2 form-factors were initially created for slim and lightweight laptops to allow for memory upgrades without compromising the device's design Z-Height tolerances. MSI appears to be considering using the CAMM2 form-factor in desktops, particularly those without visible cables. The company's upcoming motherboards under the Project Zero line will replace traditional DDR5 DIMM slots with DDR5 CAMM2 slots, in collaboration with Kingston Technology.

Kingston is preparing a new range of high-performance CAMM2 modules under its FURY Impact brand, originally designed for gaming notebooks. MSI's next-generation Project Zero motherboard will have contact points for a DDR5 CAMM2 module. A single CAMM2 module will utilize the full 160-bit memory bus width of the Socket LGA1700 processor, including both channels and their sub-channels. Kingston may offer CAMM2 modules in various memory sizes (such as 32 GB, 48 GB, 64 GB, and 96 GB) and common DDR5 OC speeds for the platform (ranging from DDR5-6000 to DDR5-8000).